Green Fire Foundation
Connecting the Resources with the Resourceful

Message from Founders

What is an EcoVillage?


"There currently is no existing foundation that serves the needs
of existing or developing EcoVillages and sustainable communities. During these times
of rapid and necessary transition
to a more sustainable culture there can be no bigger priority than channeling resources to these new community models which will become the new living structures and standards of tomorrow."

~Darlene Cavallaro



Message from the Founders

The Green Fire Foundation is a small fire that needs fuel to burn to begin to warm the community fires. Firekeepers are needed to tend the flames. We are actively seeking out qualified individuals who will be able to carry the torches to those resourceful groups and individuals who are pioneering sustainable community living and who will help this foundation establish itself as an entity that helps build EcoVillages globally.

SeThInk Media is pledging 10% of all profits to the Green Fire Foundation to not only help birth this organization, but to assist in the ongoing abundance of resources that is destined to flow into the hands of the resourceful people who are creating sustainable communities globally.

To date SeThInk Media has been only able to support the hosting fees and administration costs of the organizations that it currenly sponsors including the Global EcoVillage and Sustainable Communities Network.