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  1. Write comprehensive program guidelines
  2. File for 501(c)3 Status
  3. Scout for qualified board members
  4. Apply for operation grant
  5. Plan & execute first fundraising event

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Welcome to the Green Fire Foundation

Green Fire Foundation is a private unincorporated non-profit organization that intends to provide infrastructure grants to existing or developing EcoVillages and sustainable communities.

Green Fire Foundation's mission is to support developing and existing EcoVillages and sustainable communities through:

  • Providing Infrastructure grants to developing/existing EcoVillages & Sustainable Communities.
  • Providing small loans and grants to start-up cottage industries based in EcoVillages and sustainable communities.
  • Providing grants and funding for groups and committees that form for the purpose of developing and establishing legal protocols/criteria that allow EcoVillage and Low Impact Sustainable Development to obtain planning approal by local or state/regional agencies.

The mission is simple:
Connecting the Re$ources with the Re$ourceful.

For the past 3 decades the most innovative and resourceful people have been pioneering new community models which have evolved through countless experimental journeys into a more sustainable way of living.

One of the primary obstacles in this ongoing journey has been a lack of resources to build functional community models that can be showcased to the world as a viable option to the present unsustainable community structures.

The Green Fire Foundation is the first foundation being established that will exclusively serve these EcoVillages and sustainable communities through a 'Sustainable Infrastructure' grant program and later
'Sustainable Cottage Industry' grants & micro-loans.

This foundation is currently not officially incorporated nor fiscally sponsored but pledged resources are being channeled from SeThInk Media, the primary funder of the Green Fire Foundation, to support the Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Community Network and the Low Impact Sustiainable Development Agency - both of which are vital to the evolution of the EcoVillage Agenda.

To date the minimal profits of SeThInk Media have been only enough to keep the hosting fees of the networks it sponsors and has been operating at a loss annually. The Green Fire Foundation currently has no resources available for funding.